So You Say You Want To Go To Prison?

As any of you who’ve seen the Battle Teaser know,      the Dell Sisters are making a prison movie.  And when you’re making a prison movie, you need…              a prison.

So we’ve been touring prisons and jails and detention centers and work camps and juvenile halls…all in search of the perfect location for BATTLE.

Round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows!

But now we’re bringing it to you.  Stop One – JACKSON, MICHIGAN

The prison location for Stone and Conviction, Jackson Prison is a really “prison-y” prison (to quote our director, Emily Dell).

Jackson has cell blocks which are closed for inmates but available for filming – perfect for a prison movie (Cell block 5 is to the left).  The big white whale though is SEVEN BLOCK – 5 tiers high and all bars!

Sadly for the Dell Sisters and BATTLE, Block Seven is now closed to filming (so sad!).  You can visit it on a tour, but it won’t be the BATTLE prison.

We also had a whirlwind tour of the Wayne County Detention Center.  It’s a quarter-mile long with one central hallway.  In a Michigan winter, the officers run laps up and down for exercise!

While we went to Michigan for its prison (what a strange sentence to say), we also scouted Ann Arbor and Detroit, courtesy of the Michigan Film Office, the Ann Arbor CVB, the Jackson CVB, the Detroit Film Office, and the Wayne County Film Office.  Thank you to all!

In a very cool scout, this is the coolest picture of them all: the Ford River Rouge Plant in Dearborn, MI.   [Look for it in the upcoming Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie, REAL STEEL.]


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  1. Andrey

    Hey, You should check a facilities in Whitier Ca, there is a juvenile block. I shot a movie there. Nice prison. let me know who is your DP. I still do what I do. peace.

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