Prison Visits – Cali Part 1

Yay Prisons!  That’s the crazy life of Hollywood, folks – you find yourself excited to see cellblocks and razor-wire, but when you’re making a prison movie you need… well… A prison.

[We strongly note our objections to flaws in the justice system and are trying to illuminate those issues through this film, but… We need a prison to shoot in to do that]

So, Cell Blocks or Bust!

Chapter Two is the world of California Prisons.  Bless the Golden State, she does know how to incarcerate.

It is not possible to shoot in CA prison or any active spaces (a good thing – don’t need anyone killed with a pencil stamped “Property of Warner Brothers”).  So we are scouting inactive and/or closed facilities that allow film crews.

First stop, Fred C. Nelles.

Nelles is a closed juvenile facility near LA.  They’ve got houses, dorms, cafeterias, two chapels, offices – and because juveniles should not be left out of the lockup game, they’ve also got a prison.  [Note earlier objections] Two high-security blocks, set back in a field of grass as high as your waist.

Pretty cool, could really work as our hero’s cell block.  Next?


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