Round 4 of the Prisons, seriously!

Back to downtown LA, this time to the 10/710 interchange and the Sybil Brand Women’s Institute.

Being the nearest closed jail to Los Angeles (now that the infamous Lincoln Heights is condemned), Sybil Brand is the go-to prison for every LA-based TV show and movie.  We saw cells used by WEEDS and the “US Embassy” set from Syriana.  The asbestos removal crew had a great time showing us a hallway of doors, only one of which was real (Many thanks to the final season of 24).

The best though, was the suitcase hallway.  One level was being used to train drug canines, so the quarter-mile hallway had a suitcase every five feet all the way down.  Surreal.

But then again, you’re already remarking at the elegance of the guard stations, so it’s just another day in LA.


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