California Prison Tour FINISHED!

The last stop on our California prison tour was the Mira Loma Detention Center.  BEAUTIFUL guard towers.  Currently housing INS detainees, only the older, inactive portion is free for filming, but as the deputy assured us “filming is fine, as long as there isn’t a riot and we need these cells for emergency housing. ….But that probably won’t happen.”

Good to know.

So that’s the tour of SoCal prisons, at least as they now stand (there are rumors that Lincoln Heights might get uncondemmed – is that possible?)

While no single facility has everything we need, there are possibilities if we combine many places – Frankenstein-prisons!  The Magic of Filmmaking!

But we’ll have to see what else we find out there before we decide.  Many thanks to the LA Sheriff’s Department who is very film-friendly – who would you rather spend your day monitoring, prisoners or movie crews?

We are also extending our search beyond California, so stay tuned!


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