Asia Adventure!

Welcome back to us!  We are back from a whirlwind trip to Asia, with lots of successful meetings, new friendships, conversations about film projects, some sightseeing, and so much fun.  Can’t wait to go back!

First there was Beijing…

Village Center, Sunlitun, Beijing, China

Village Center, Sunlitun, Beijing, China

Lots and lots of meetings in our three days, including lunch at the Opposite House, where we encountered the truly strange and wondrous outdoor art above. We also got to enjoy some drinks with new friends and family (our brother Joseph) at the cool 16mm Bar in Nanluogushong:

IMG_3630 copyThe wall art and logos alone were worth the trip!

We were in China just in time for Harvest festival and MOON CAKES…IMG_3614 copy

THANK YOU to Ethan and Noodles, co-founders of, an amazing, curated video distribution company in Beijing, for the moon cake madness.

Then we were on to Hong Kong, where we got to celebrate Harvest festival in Victoria Park with the rest of Hong Kong:IMG_3650 copyThat beautiful glowing ball is made entirely out of empty water  containers.  It was our first visit to Hong Kong so we soaked in the incredible sights.IMG_3634 copy[Thank you Ricky Tse at Media Asia for wisely booking a meeting at Cafe Grey Deluxe in the Upper House – the bonus being these unbelievable sights.]

Finally, on to Bangkok and locations and producers and more for BATTLE, our upcoming fight film set in Thailand.IMG_3746 copyWhen not in meetings, we walked the city, checked out some Wats (temples like the one above), took the river taxi, and ate incredible food.  Including one fabulous evening at…

IMG_3717 copyCabbages and Condoms!  We had dinner with founder Mechai Viravaidya (check out his TED talk) and learned all about the school and other programs that Cabbages and Condoms supports.  So inspirational!

Overall an incredible trip – mostly work (over 20 meetings in 10 days!) but very fun.  We’ll be back soon with BATTLE into production and other new projects in China.  The adventure continues!


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