Rockin’ the US China Film & Television Industry Expo!

IMG_4827 copy

Last week was a busy one for the Dell Sisters at the US China Expo.

Elizabeth was representing the Producers Guild of America, with help from an incredible group of volunteers, speaking on “Defining the Producer” with an engaged crowd Q&A afterwards.   There were jumbo-trons and powerpoint slides – it felt like a TED talk!

IMG_4803 copyEmily was waving the Writers Guild of America flag, putting together an AMAZING panel on developing international films, co-starring with Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Ultraviolet, Total Recall), Lisa Ellzey (EuropaCorp – Luc Besson’s company), Kirsten Weir (Centropolis Entertainment – Roland Emmerich’s Company), and Liu Xioling (Shanghai New Culture Media Beijing). It was a really informative panel on crafting stories for international audiences.   Definitely a group that LOVES action

We were both proud to support our guilds and participate in the US China filmmaking conversation.  There was also a fun party on Sunday night.  Thanks to UCFTI Expo – we are already looking forward to next year!

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